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August 21, 2011

Migrating to WordPress

I’ve been doing some website housecleaning recently and with my company name change, the old site just wasn’t up to par.  The blog on the new company site will just be company related posts, no personal posts.  So I figured I’d convert this site over to just a personal blog. - Read More -

May 10, 2009

Move Vista’s Users folder to a Different Drive

OK, so I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a Vista machine as my main machine.  I opted to go with an SSD drive for the system drive and planned on putting all the user data on a different drive.  After doing a little research, the best solution to accomplish this with the least amount of hastle (or so I thought) would be to copy the content of Users to the new drive and set up a junction (symbolic link) to the new location.  Well, that was certainly easier said than done.  - Read More -

August 30, 2008

New version and new theme

I’ve been using the latest version of BlogEngine.Net and in the process of upgrading to Visual Studio 2008, I reorganized the solution for the whole site.  It’s now simpler to maintain and I’m now on a near-pristine copy of BlogEngine.Net which will make picking up future updates quite a bit easier.  As is usually the - Read More-