I’ve used a PedalTrain Pro as the platform for my pedal boardĀ for the last few years. It’s sturdy, easy to mount stuff on and has enough room underneath to mount a Voodoo for power and to route cables. I had always used the soft case it came with as everything mounted on it was pretty sturdy anyway. Well, with the addition of the wireless receiver and the antennas, I decided it was time for a hard case. I bought one from Road Cases USA with the intent to mount the PedalTrain directly to the base of the case. Here’s how I did it.

So first up, I removed the feet from the PedalTrain. If you want the feet on the base of the road case, like I did, be sure to save them. Next up, you’ll need to transfer the location of the holes on the PedalTrain to the road case. I used a strip of masking tape, marked the holes, then positioned the tape on the road case. Be sure to measure for square so everything lines up.

I used jack nuts for the mounting. Jack nuts are like molly bolts you’ve used on drywall, just designed for sheet metal. I drilled out the holes for the bolt on the road case, then drilled out the holes for the jack nuts on the PedalTrain where the feet used to be. You can try to get all the metal shavings out but you won’t ever be able to so you’ll have to live with some debris rattle for a while.



Use the bolt that came with the jack nuts to “tighten them up.” Then drill holes in the road case base. If you lined everything up right, you’ll then be able to bolt things up. I put a washer on each foot then bolted the foot/washer assemblies on. I had 6 holes and 5 lined up perfectly. I reamed out the one that didn’t line up to get things all going.

So now I have a rock solid pedal case that is road ready. I just coil the power and XLR cable up, snap on the top and off I go.