This is another idea site that just popped to me. It came together very quickly once I had the idea. I spent a few days shopping around for a good site template to build it on, then spent a couple of weekends roughing it out. I launched it about a week ago, had a few friends and strangers give it some shakedown to work through the bugs and I deem it now ready for full on gawking.

So what is GearGawker? If you’re really into guitars, or any other music gear, part of the fun is looking at all the pictures on all the related forums that people post. The downside is once those posts roll off the top page, they are hard to find and rarely seen again. GearGawker is a media savvy version of that experience. It keeps the most popular and recent gear at the top of the list and it is all searchable by tag, which can include model, brand, color, pickup flavor, whatever.

And most importantly, the pictures are huge. The upload process saves the full resolution version then caches and renders the needed sizes. It auto scales and crops as needed to fit the page. And uploading is dead simple… just drag and drop.

So if you like looking at guitar porn, be it, PRS, Fender, Gibson or somebody else, we hope to make GearGawker the destination. But you gotta upload your gear!

So, get your gawk on and head over to