I’ve been doing some website housecleaning recently and with my company name change, the old keenesoftware.com site just wasn’t up to par.  The blog on the new company site will just be company related posts, no personal posts.  So I figured I’d convert this site over to just a personal blog.

The existing blog was BlogEngine.net and while that is a capable blog engine, you need some decent css and html design skills (which I am totally devoid of) to make it look nice.  WordPress, on the other hand, with the huge collection of themes that are out there, is easy to make look much better than I am capable of doing on my own.

So, after some googling, I came up with a recipe.  Here’s the basic steps:

  1. Export your BlogEngine.net to BlogML format
  2. Download all of your media (i.e., images, audio files, etc.)
  3. Upload all of your media to your WordPress site.
  4. Install and configure your desired WordPress theme (I am using the awesome Amplify theme (http://themeforest.net/item/amplify-premium-business-blogging-portfolio/144264)
  5. Open up the Blog XML file and update the references to your images based on the external urls (ie, not file relative urls but http relative urls).
  6. Update the category names if you want to keep those.
  7. In WordPress, search for and add the BlogML plugin.  There are multiple import plugins available — you want the BlogML plugin, which isn’t installed by default.
  8. Import your XML file.
  9. Tweak as needed.
WordPress is pretty impressive.  But what makes is most impressive is the theme and plugin support that is available.  Building new content driven websites (as opposed to full-blown web applications) is much easier and more cost effective using WordPress than hand coding.  
Highly recommended.