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January 24, 2010

Pod X3 Live Review, Two Years Later

When I first got back into guitar 7-8 years ago, a friend recommended I check out GuitarPort from Line 6.  Since then, I’ve run through quite a few different products from them.  After getting hooked on modeling with the GuitarPort, I got a used Vetta that I used for playing out live.  Even though they have not updated that in years, it is still a great modeling amp with an almost perfect feature set.  The down side was, well, it’s an amp and weighs a ton.  Somewhere during that early period I got a regular gig playing in the band at church and the thought of hauling the Vetta back and forth twice a week quickly wore on me.  So… I picked up the Pod XT Pro and stuck it in a portable rack case and used the same floor board that I used with the Vetta.  That wasn’t bad, but the tone options weren’t as good as with the Vetta.  Thus began a years long quest to find the Vetta options in an extremely portable package.

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