I’ve been using the latest version of BlogEngine.Net and in the process of upgrading to Visual Studio 2008, I reorganized the solution for the whole site.  It’s now simpler to maintain and I’m now on a near-pristine copy of BlogEngine.Net which will make picking up future updates quite a bit easier.  As is usually the case with software, it’s much faster and simpler to implement something the second time around, especially when you don’t worry about maintaining any old data.  So, the old posts and comments are gone.

One interesting problem of note that I ran into while doing this was the blog main page would not load, complaining about not being able to find the Standard theme.  Everything worked fine on my development system but would not work when published out to GoDaddy.  Turns out that when it is running on IIS, the theme of the parent site (in this case,  www.keenesoftware.com) was defaulting onto the blog’s site (www.keenesoftware.com/blog).  The fix is to add a theme=”" attribute on the <pages> tag in the blog app’s web.config file.  Since BlogEngine.Net does it’s own theme handling, I would think this would be the default but it’s not. If you run into this issue while trying to add BlogEngine.Net to your own site as a virtual directory, this should fix it.

I’ll try to keep this blog a bit more persistent going forward so comment away.