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May 23, 2014

Mounting a PedalTrain in a Road Case

I’ve used a PedalTrain Pro as the platform for my pedal board for the last few years. It’s sturdy, easy to mount stuff on and has enough room underneath to mount a Voodoo for power and to route cables. I had always used the soft case it came with as everything mounted on it was pretty sturdy anyway. Well, with the addition of the wireless receiver and the antennas, I decided it was time for a hard case. I bought one from Road Cases USA with the intent to mount the PedalTrain directly to the base of the case. Here’s how I did it. - Read More -

December 30, 2013

New Theme!

That’s right… time for the semi-annual Keene Software blog theme upgrade. I’m staying on WordPress mostly because it would require effort to do something else. They say flat is the new black so this theme is all that. The down side with the new theme is I have to go in and re-crop/edit the pictures so I guess I’ll put that on the New Year’s resolution list.

The other plus to doing this now is I can maintain my “one post per year” average.

August 12, 2012

GearGawker Launch

This is another idea site that just popped to me. It came together very quickly once I had the idea. I spent a few days shopping around for a good site template to build it on, then spent a couple of weekends roughing it out. I launched it about a week ago, had a few friends and strangers give it some shakedown to work through the bugs and I deem it now ready for full on gawking.

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August 24, 2011

More Moon Lighting

It’s been a while since I posted any more moon lighting pictures.  I recently upgraded the CMH lighting in the front yard to some new LED lighting in a “cool white” color.  I really like the results.  I need to take some pics and post those soon. - Read More -

August 21, 2011

Migrating to WordPress

I’ve been doing some website housecleaning recently and with my company name change, the old site just wasn’t up to par.  The blog on the new company site will just be company related posts, no personal posts.  So I figured I’d convert this site over to just a personal blog. - Read More -

July 12, 2011

Grade “A” Customer Service

Ask anyone who owns a service business if they know how to provide good customer service and they will all say “yes.”  They will offer to send the customer an email with an appointment that can be added to their calendar. They will contact the customer when the service technician is on their way or if they are running late. They will leave a note or work order indicating what service was performed. They might follow up after the service was performed to ensure the customer was happy with the service that was done.  If the service is one that should be done periodically (pest control, air conditioner cleaning), they will contact the customer when it’s due and try to schedule it.

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January 24, 2010

Pod X3 Live Review, Two Years Later

When I first got back into guitar 7-8 years ago, a friend recommended I check out GuitarPort from Line 6.  Since then, I’ve run through quite a few different products from them.  After getting hooked on modeling with the GuitarPort, I got a used Vetta that I used for playing out live.  Even though they have not updated that in years, it is still a great modeling amp with an almost perfect feature set.  The down side was, well, it’s an amp and weighs a ton.  Somewhere during that early period I got a regular gig playing in the band at church and the thought of hauling the Vetta back and forth twice a week quickly wore on me.  So… I picked up the Pod XT Pro and stuck it in a portable rack case and used the same floor board that I used with the Vetta.  That wasn’t bad, but the tone options weren’t as good as with the Vetta.  Thus began a years long quest to find the Vetta options in an extremely portable package.

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May 10, 2009

Move Vista’s Users folder to a Different Drive

OK, so I’ve finally gotten around to setting up a Vista machine as my main machine.  I opted to go with an SSD drive for the system drive and planned on putting all the user data on a different drive.  After doing a little research, the best solution to accomplish this with the least amount of hastle (or so I thought) would be to copy the content of Users to the new drive and set up a junction (symbolic link) to the new location.  Well, that was certainly easier said than done.  - Read More -

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